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On June 13, 2012, the Veterans Assistance Commission of Kendall County created a scholarship to honor the memory of deceased VACKC President Gene A. White. This policy

has been enacted to serve as a guideline for the application and selection process. In November 2016, the scholarship expanded to honor two additional veterans: 2002-2006 VACKC Superintendent Arnold J. Bitterman,

2014-2016 VACKC Superintendent Bradley “Steve” Barrett. In December

of 2019 the scholarship was extended

to honor Kendall County veteran

Jim "Flash" Likeness.

It is the intention of the VACKC to award this scholarship(s) to an honorably discharged veteran, the spouse of an honorably discharged veteran, the direct dependent or relative of an honorably discharged veteran or a former Kendall County resident listed as MIA, POW or KIA. All scholarship recipients must reside within Kendall County.

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