The Veterans Assistance Commission of Kendall County (VACKC) is a legally authorized assistance agency as specified in Illinois Complied Statutes, Chapter 330, Sections 45.01 to 45.11. This office is operated by accredited veteran service officers for the benefit of honorably discharged veterans, dependents, and widows.


Formally organized in December of 2002, the VACKC has been helping veterans with everything from shelter and utility assistance to representation before the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VACKC seeks to improve the quality of life for those who have served honorably in the United States Armed Forces thereby recognizing the significant contribution they have made to their families, community, and nation.

Additionally, the VACKC seeks to serve beyond the initial assistance provided by other governmental agencies. Serving as the central hub in the county for veterans assistance, the VACKC has access to a multitude of resources with which services may be coordinated for veterans in need.


The VACKC is currently composed of the Superintendent and two full-time county veterans service officers. VACKC staff is accredited and re-certified annually with the Department of Veterans Affairs to represent and advocate on behalf of veterans seeking benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, disability compensation for injuries incurred during service, pension for low-income veterans or widows, education, employment, burial, and VA healthcare.


The VACKC also employs two part-time drivers who provide veteran transportation to VA medical centers and various other local medical facilities.


In order to build awareness of services, the VACKC staff conducts outreach work in the community. This outreach consists of benefit presentations at community centers and assisted-living facilities, participation in community events, and networking with local businesses.