Through our outreach efforts, we have found that veterans need transportation support. Our office offers transportation for Kendall County veterans to go to Hines VAMC, Aurora CBOC, and other medical facilities.

Local Transportation

-Except for dialysis services, local transportation will operate Monday   through Friday with possible/limited weekend service.

-Local transportation is defined as being transported within Kendall County   and cities adjacent to the border.

-This part of the transportation program is intended as a non-emergency   service to the Aurora CBOC, DuPage Vet Center, local dialysis clinics and   other limited services for homebound veterans.

-Requests for this type of transport must be scheduled in advance by calling   630-553-8355

Hines Transportation

-The transportation to Hines VA Hospital will only operate Monday through   Friday and will depart from the County Health and Human Services building   in Yorkville.

-There will be limited transportation provided on federal holidays.

-Those veterans desiring the use of this service must notify the VACKC office   of their date and appointment time as soon as they receive their   appointment notification from the VA. Once the schedule has been   established for a particular day, last minute notifications might not be   honored due to a possible overload or because of the inconvenience to the   other scheduled riders.

-Riders, whenever possible, are requested to schedule or reschedule their   appointments so that they fall between the hours of 8AM and 2PM on   Monday through Friday.

-As a courtesy to our veterans, a recorded message line has been created so   individuals can call and get the Hines departure schedule. The phone     number is (630) 553-8356.